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May 2015 Newsletter!

Check out some of the newest deals going on at!

We have a variety of new shoes on
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We are also happy to announce that we have rebooted our collegiate connection program and will be offering new promotions to all of our collegiate dancesport teams and clubs. If you or someone you know is part of a college dance team/club, let them know about this wonderful opportunity to get their members outfitted with excellent dancewear. Details regarding our program will be on our
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Dance Shoe Fittings


Fitting and Purchasing Dance Shoes with

Here are a few things our customers should known when purchasing or fitting for a pair of shoes. Keep in mind, the following is a guideline that has worked well for our customers in the past and is considered common knowledge to most experienced dancers. However, everyone is entitled to their own opinion about what is considered "comfortable" or what will work best for their feet. It is ultimately up to the customer to decide how they wish to wear their shoes.

How do you know if a dance shoe fits?

Dance shoes generally need to fit tighter than regular street shoes. This is to minimize the risk of injury and compensate for any stretching that occurs in the shoe. Dance shoes are like a piece of sports equipment that are made to improve your dancing. As such, they need to be secure on the foot and fit like a glove. This is similar to how mountain climbing and bowling shoes are fitted. After a shoe is danced on a few times, it will begin to shape to a dancers foot and stretch, making the shoes more comfortable over time. However, if a shoe is loose and a dancers foot has enough room to move around, then they dancer will lack the support necessary for comfortable dancing. Movement of the foot inside a dance shoe can cause uncomfortable rubbing and blisters. The heel cup of a dance shoe also must be secure and have no room for any sliding or movement, otherwise dancers run the risk of literally stepping out of their shoes. Please order your American shoe size. All of the shoes on this website are in US sizes so be sure to refer to our International Sizing Chart.

What is the correct fit for a Latin shoe?

Latin shoes are the open toe sandal style shoes. As mentioned before, they need to have a snug fit on both the front end of the shoe and the heel cup. The dancer's heel should sit securely in the back of the shoe with the toes reaching the front end of the insole. Quite a few Latin dancers prefer a much snugger fit and will purposely buy their shoes half size smaller than their shoe sizes to achieve this fit. In these cases, the toes will slightly hang over the front edge of the shoe allowing for more flexibility and a much more attractive point. In International Latin and American Rhythm dancing, the dancer is trained to point their toes like a ballet dancer would. When the toes are pointed, the front of the shoe will be pressed downward and thus create some extra room in the front of the shoe. This is why a lot of dancers prefer to have the shoe very tight. When they point their feet, there is very little room in the front end of the shoe and their toes can cover the excess space created from the point, creating a very beautiful leg line. The foot and leg action and fitting for the shoes are the same for both male and female Latin dancers. Most female dancers prefer a 2.5 to 3 inch heel to help with turns and to put more weight on the ball of the foot. Male dancers typically wear the 1.5 Cuban Heel.

What is the correct fit for a Ballroom shoe??

Ladies' ballroom shoes are the closed toe pump styles. In International style (Standard dances), ladies are required to wear closed toe, closed side pump style shoes. They can be worn without a strap or with a single strap on top of the shoe to keep the shoe on the foot. If the shoe doesn't have any straps, dancers will usually wear a Clear Plastic Strap. to hold the shoe in place.

In American style (Smooth dances), ladies also have the option to wear closed toe shoes with open side and a crossed straps. The rules and aesthetics for American style are not as strict as in International style and the type of foot action used is slightly different. These types of shoes are designed to provide more flexibility that is similar to Latin sandals. Most female ballroom dancers prefer a heel height of 2 to 2.5 inches. Male ballroom dancers wear a 1 heel ballroom shoe either in plain black leather or a shiny patent leather. Male competitors usually wear the patent leather ballroom shoe. The men also have the option to pick between a full sole traditional ballroom shoe or a split sole ballroom shoe. Split soles provide more flexibility, allowing the dancers to create nicer leg lines and positions. But it's a personal preference whether one wants the ballroom shoe more flexible or not.

Why buy from us?

Feather Dance Shoes has been in business since 1996. A majority of our staff have experience as dancers and first hand experience with our products. We offer two prominent and popular brands of dance shoes on our website. Go Go Dance Shoes is our most popular brand for social dancers, salsa dancers, and newcomers. Their excellent price and large variety of styles make them a favorite for dancers of all levels. These shoes are excellent for newcomers and social dancers. Stephanie Dance Shoe are incredibly popular among professional dancers as well as amateur dancers/competitors across the United States and and Asia. With our extensive knowledge and extensive selection of quality products, we strive to make our customers happy and satisfied with their purchase experience.

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